Album Credits

Call Down Fire - Why You Headed West. Guitars, synths, vocals, programming. Co-produced, engineered, mixed and mastered. I was a member of this band for several years in San Diego, CA.

Tales of Thomas - Hymns: Revisted/Remixed. Guitar, bass, drum and synth programming on various tracks.

Tales of Thomas - Divine Service. Guitar, bass, drum and synth programming on various tracks. Mixed and mastered.

Bezalel - Fidelity on High. Guitar, drum and synth programming. Mixed and mastered.

Audio Samples

Audio Montage - Here's a montage of clips from various electronic compositions. I like building unique synth sounds, using strings, and creating drum tracks.

Scorpion - Here's a video where I did all the audio, including sound effects. I was given a silent video by colleagues at work and had to come up with everything! If you listen close, you can here some "scorpion sounds" I made for when the scorpion is moving around the screen. There are also several guitars in the mix, along with a synth for the "logo flash" at the end. It was an interesting challenge to fit the limited amount of time with something impactful musically.

Scorpion from Chris Livdahl on Vimeo.


Some of my favorite tools of the trade:

  • Reason
  • ProTools
  • LogicPro
  • GarageBand (you have to admit it's getting better)
  • Macintosh OSX
  • guitar (electric & accoustic)
  • electric bass
  • keyboards/synths
  • voice (a little)
  • drums (a little)


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